Current Projects

Access to Justice: Electronic Witnessing of Affidavit Evidence

The Manitoba Law Reform Commission is undertaking a project on Electronic Witnessing of Evidence: Bridging the Gap for Remote Communities. This project considers the formal requirements under section 64 of The Manitoba Evidence Act, and whether they should be amended so that oaths, affirmations, and declarations (such as swearing affidavits) can be witnessed electronically (by webcam or other means) rather than strictly in the presence of a Commissioner for oaths or other authorized person. This issue has implications for Manitobans living in remote communities, where the requirement of having documents witnessed in person can be a barrier to access to justice.

Property Vesting in the Crown

In Manitoba, legislation addressing property vesting in the Crown (both vacant and unclaimed property) has not changed in any significant way since it was first enacted over a hundred years ago. The Commission is exploring potential reform in light of recent changes in other Canadian jurisdictions. This project may be of interest to corporate commercial lawyers, as it considers reform to legislation regarding how to deal with a corporation’s assets upon dissolution. This project also has implications for real property, wills and estates and securities.