Current Projects

Updating Limitations

The Commission has decided revisit the issues from its Report #123, Limitations, released in 2010. Since the report’s release, no changes have been made to Manitoba’s limitations legislation, despite calls for reform from the legal profession and the judiciary. The purpose of the update will be to engage in further consultations, review and consider recent changes to the limitations legislation in other jurisdictions since 2010, analyze recent case law in the area, and to make recommendations to clarify and improve the law on limitations in Manitoba.

Construction Law

The last major update to The Builders’ Liens Act took place in the early 1980s, prompted by the Commission’s 1979 Report #32, Mechanics’ Liens Legislation in Manitoba. While the construction industry continues to evolve, it appears that the laws governing the industry have fallen out of step with the practical realities of the industry. The Commission is planning to undertake a broad study of this area in order to make recommendations to improve, modernize and clarify the legislation in consultation with stakeholders and experts.

Creating Efficiencies in the Law

The Commission will continue to address relatively straightforward legislative solutions to promote the efficient administrative of justice in its series on Creating Efficiencies in the Law. The first report in this series, Substitute Powers of Attorney (Report #133) was released in February 2017.